Timberwolf Ventures, Incorporated, was founded in 1994 by four friends on a mission: to provide an exciting shopping experience for stylish souvenir goods in some of the most historically rich and naturally beautiful places on earth.

From the time we opened our first store, in Juneau, we broke through the time freeze that most souvenir stores seem to be stuck in—and we’ve never looked back.

Today, our retail division is the leading souvenir specialty retailer in Southeast Alaska. Over the last two decades, our company has become known for creating fresh, inviting retail environments that carry an exciting selection of apparel and merchandise at prices that others have said could not be done.

At the same time, we focused on never-before selection and style, too—thanks to our buyers’ knack for picking and designing products that people want to buy. Our focus on apparel has raised the bar in our market, offering a selection that is not only diverse and varied, but also current in style and fit.